Some Courses offer NCBTMB accreditation of 24 credits and International certification

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Cancer Care Certification Program – 3 Days

This 3 day award winning program offers both onsite and online training, whichever meets the needs of your Spa, School or Wellness Facility. As a founding member of SATCC (Standards Authority for Touch In Cancer Care) and a graduate of Leading Cancer Center Memorial Sloan Kettering In NYC,  I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the program.

We will cover 6 modules over 3 days.

Module 1. What is Cancer

Module 2. How is Cancer Treated

Module 3. Side Effects Of Cancer Treatments (Both Long Term and Short Term)

Module 4. Recommended Ingredients/Products

Module 5. Safe & Effective Spa Services

Module 6. Prevention and Wellness

For International Certification there is a requirement to complete 10 Case Studies.

Sound & Touch In Cancer Care – 1 Day

The Use of Sound, Frequency and Vibration as healing therapies have been used since the beginning of recorded history.

Science is finally catching up with Sound Healing practices used by ancient civilizations. We know that sound travels about four times faster through water then it does through air. Our bodies are said to be 70% water so it makes sense that the ancient healing practice of sound would be a natural choice to release stress.

We offer a one day workshop for therapists who have an existing knowledge of oncology massage.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage – 1 Day

The History of Himalayan salt use for therapeutic benefit dates back over millions of years.

Himalayan Pink Salt is mined in the Salt Range of the Himalayan Mountains, Punjab, Pakistan.

The salt contains 84 trace minerals including Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and Sodium.

Sodium is essential for a number of processes within the body including

1. Maintaining Fluid Balance

2. Preventing Low Blood Pressure

3. Facilitating Nerve and Muscle Function.

This one day workshop offers an opportunity to both give and receive a Salt Stone Massage while understanding the unique benefits associated with this treatment.

 Wellness for Life Program Р2 Days

This two day education program offers a real understanding of what it means to be well.

Sharing science from the Global Wellness Institute, one will learn about The Circadian Rhythm, The Microbiome, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Meditation and Mental Health.

How to use simple strategies to incorporate wellness practices into your everyday life to enhance your overall sense of well being.

The First 1,000 days of Life – 2 Days

A unique 2 day program for those preparing to conceive right up to the first two years of the life of your child.

The first of its kind, an evidence based learning experience with data from world renowned Doctor Sergio Pecorelli.

Understanding The Four Pillars of Wellness as it pertains to parenting and life style.

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