Deirdre V., Ireland

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the course! It was very informative and learnt so much!! Thanks a mil Christine, you’re a super teacher and a very gifted therapist.

Corinne F., County Westmeath, Ireland

I had mixed feelings leading up to the Cancer Care programme, fearing the unknown and how I might react when faced with the issues clients living with cancer have to deal with due to the effects of some of the cancer treatments and surgeries they may have endured.  As soon as I met Christine my fears subsided however, as her genuinely empathetic nature and passion for what she does and the people she treats became immediately clear.  She is a true inspiration and has such an in-depth knowledge and understanding of a wide range of complimentary therapies, the human anatomy, physiology and pathology. For me the two day course was an emotional but extremely positive experience.  I learned a lot in a short space of time about preventions, causes and treatments of cancer and I saw for myself the positive impact Touch Therapy can have on the quality of life for those living with cancer.  I loved the Lindi Natural Skincare products to the point that I actually can’t wait to begin using them on myself.

Emma, Essence Spa, County Sligo, Ireland

Very informative 2 day course. Great hands-on experience with local cancer patients. I would feel confident now knowing how to treat a cancer patient with care and comfort. Christine you’re amazing!

Dierdre, Nurse with Multiple Myeloma, County Kerry, Ireland

Breda Joy from Kerry Eye contacted me. I heard about the training and decided to avail myself of the treatment. I would describe the treatment as relaxing and soothing, comfortable at all times. The products felt nice and I was pleased to know they were safe and had been specifically developed for cancer clients. I would recommend the treatment to friends and will definitely be back again!

Kath T., Killarney County Kerry, Ireland

I enjoyed the treatment very much. I had never been to a spa before and nervous at first, but found the treatment very relaxing. I learned a lot about her aftercare and will be booking another treatment soon.

Amy K., Ireland

I really enjoyed this training programme. I found Christine to be very help-up, knowledgeable and friendly, which made the experience even better. Because Christine was so good she really opened up my eyes about cancer, cancer treatments and cancer patients. The information I know after two days is unbelievable and I probably would have never known as much as I do now which is fantastic. I couldn’t recommend this course enough and definitely cannot wait to put into practice what I have learned and help cancer patients and give them a sense of well-being. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you so much Christine!

Mary, Ireland

Thank you and the Girls for a wonderful day of relaxation therapy yesterday. I was exhausted when I got home, but am really feeling like a new person today. I will be in touch with the Girls to arrange an appointment… If only you were living here – you have a very special touch. I have used the LINDI SKIN products today.

Anna S., Ireland

The training with Christine was very professional, she has a lot of knowledge not just about cancer massage but about the medical side of it also. I feel knowing Christine there is no question that she can’t answer. After doing this training, I feel comfortable to do my treatments for cancer patients.

Laura O., Ireland

I really enjoyed the two days of training. Christine really opened my eyes to all about cancer and the aftermath of it. I know so much more as a therapist but also as a person. I only wish I knew it before now. I really hope that I can get to know my clients like Christine knows hers and show my clients that I as a cancer care therapist am someone that knows what I’m talking about and that I’m someone that they can trust. I’m so happy I got the chance to get this training and to meet Christine and hear about the people she has met. She has such a kind nature and is so easy to talk to and I know she’ll be easy to contact after this learning.

Doreen E., Ireland

Thank you so much for the wonderful training, you are a wonderful, inspiring lady. It has given me a whole new perspective.


Joan, Tranquility Spa, County Wexford, Ireland

After 12-14 years in the massage business this course was a long time on my mind as we were continuously turning people away who had no idea they were contra-indicated to treatments. I found this course uplifting, educational and enlightening. The course educator, Christine Clinton, is highly knowledgeable with a vast expanse of experience to impart. I feel I can competently go forward to treat people that were formerly a “no-go area.” Thanks a million Christine. A job well done. I think this course will impact my career hugely in a positive way.

Michelle M., Herbs & Roses Spa, County Kerry, Ireland

During training, beauty and body therapists are taught that cancer is a total contraindication to treatments. The Christine Clinton Cancer Care programme was a real eye opener as it gave me a better understanding of the condition and the side effects of treatment. I believe that the LINDI SKIN range is a fantastic idea, suitable for everyone yet safe enough to use on people with compromised skin from their cancer treatment. I found the training very insightful and informative; having hands on experience with cancer patients was a huge benefit. Overall I really enjoyed the course and found the trainer to be both passionate and sincere.

Danielle Piekulski, Woodloch Spa, PA


This is Danielle Piekulski from today’s training at Woodloch. I wanted to reach out to you and sincerely thank you for allowing us the opportunity to learn from you personally as we continue to grow in our knowledge and practice. Your passion for helping and healing others is as inspiring to experience as it is contagious. These last two days have been so incredibly meaningful to me- I’ve not only taken away invaluable knowledge and experience, but precious time with remarkable people that I will never forget. This course has been a heartening reminder of why I love to do what I do, and just how powerful the effects of human compassion and loving touch can be. It has been a privilege to share this journey with you and the other girls, and I am infinitely grateful to have been a part of it. I pray you continue to share your loving gift throughout the world and forever change the lives of those you touch. Thank you.

Letter from Spa Owner, Barbados
Luisa Anderson, Four Seasons- Bali

Our Immersion with Christine in the Cancer Care Training was so complete.  Christine exudes genuine compassion and kindness and has an innate ability to really connect with people.  Her knowledge of cancer care, from contributing causes through diagnostic processes,  treatments, side effects and recovery is extensive and reassuring.  Christine instilled confidence in and inspired our therapists to skilfully care for guests at all stages of the cancer journey.  The real magic happened when we had local Balinese women  (25 different people during the 4 day course), living with various stages of cancer come to be our ‘models’.  Christine created such a safe, non judgemental, loving space for beautiful healing treatments to take place.  The love was palpable to all.

We highly recommend Christine and her training and encourage other spas to spread the love by investing in training their team and offering Cancer Care treatments.

Gillian, Fota Island Spa, County Cork, Ireland

I found training went very well. I found it beneficial that we got to meet cancer patients, so we could really understand how to adapt each treatment to the individual clients needs. I was very happy with how Christine trained us; she has great knowledge behind her.

Gina Groves, Nádur Spa, Ballygarry House Hotel & Spa, Leebrook, Tralee, Co Kerry

In the past, therapists were often taught cancer was a contraindication for massage. Unfortunately, this was translated to mean, “don’t touch people with cancer”. Even though we now know this is no longer true, many therapists, because of a lack of training, are working with cancer clients using primarily their intuition for guidance and hoping for the best. No longer is it necessary, however, to guess how to work with these very deserving spa guests. Christine Clinton has shown us how touch therapy treatments for people living with cancer has the power to open hearts, offer comfort and predominantly change lives. Christine trains, guides and offers ongoing support to therapists when treating spa guests during the challenging times of cancer treatment. Her incredible knowledge and personal experiences are evident in her excellent training. We are so thankful to have crossed paths with Christine and are very proud to be associated with touch therapy. We wouldn’t jeopardise our reputation by removing touch therapy from our treatment menu now. Touch therapy is here to stay!

Letter from Radisson Blu, Galway Ireland


Melissa, Mother to Rachel, age 9

Christine has been treating my young daughter for several years and had been instrumental in helping to increase her strength and flexibility through movement. Christine is a warm and caring person who has her client’s best interest in mind at all times.

Melissa S., Pennsylvania

Christine is the best massage therapist I have ever met! Her knowledge of the human body is remarkable. She knows which skincare and massage therapies to utilize based on my specific needs, so each session is unique and very relaxing. She has helped me tremendously.

Karen W., Pennsylvania

I first met Chris several months after surgery for ovarian cancer and part of my way into 6 months of chemotherapy. My cousin gave me the most amazing gift: 3 sessions with Chris and a sampler of Lindi products. First of all, Chris gives the best massage that I have ever had (and I have had many), and she is the kindest, most empathetic person I know! But truly, and this is why I continue to see her, Chris is a healer… She helped me throughout my 6 months of chemotherapy. She educated me about cancer and treatments and scar tissue and ways to help myself and then she helped restore my energy! She knows so much about human anatomy and she individualizes my treatments according to what my needs are at the time. I am now 8 months out of surgery and completed my chemotherapy and am now in remission! I continue to see Chris (she has many very long term clients) and I continue to use the Lindi products! Chris is an angel in my book!

Bridget H., United Kingdom

My son has now finished radiotherapy and the LINDI SKIN soothing balm was brilliant. His skin is still incredibly dry, with chemo continuing, so I have ordered some more. I tried another brand, but he cried as it made his skin “sting”, and another well recognised UK emollient has the same effect. I have recommended your products to other people as they have been fantastic for my son.|